Wednesday, July 29, 2009

House Hunting...again

So, for almost the past month the Clover’s, Suzy and I have been living in a two bedroom house together. When we came to Muss00rie to look for places to live we could only find the one. So, we thought that for a month it’d be ok. And in the beginning it worked out good because there was SO much work that needed done on this house. It hadn’t been lived in for two years and was REALLY dirty!! We are talking mold covered walls. So, we all worked together to get it livable.

But, we were getting to the point that we really need our own spaces. So, Suzy and I have been house hunting all week and we finally found a place!! It’s a two bedroom house with a kitchen, dinning room, living room and one bathroom. It also has a flat roof where I can sit and play my guitar or have a small garden in pots. 

I am really looking forward to moving in on the first of August . I can’t wait to have my own space and be able to decorate it and make it my own.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Friend Sundar

So, we’ve moved into our new place here in Muss00rie. While it has a lot of potential, it also needs A LOT of work! In this blog I wanted to write about some of the misunderstandings we’ve had with Sundar, the maintenance man at our apartment complex.

When we got here we realized that we didn’t really have a shower. The pipes were sticking out of the wall for the shower head and the handles, but they were all capped. So, Stephen went over and asked Sundar to come look at it, which to put new pipes in that run from the handles to the shower head. What he was really saying was that when he got new handles we could turn the water on to get the right temperature.

This morning he came over and was asking about some keys. We thought he was asking us for two keys, but couldn’t figure out what keys he wanted. The keys to lock our door? We only have two to begin with. We have two different locks. Maybe one of each of those? We were so confused. But no more. Stephen found out that Sundar had lost his keys and came over to ask us if he’d lost them here!

And I am sure this is only the beginning of our misunderstandings with Sundar because of language. We still have many more things to repair so we will be seeing much more of him around here!