Monday, September 17, 2012 update!!

Oh my goodness!! I've been home for a month and this is the first update I've done since I've been back!! I am sooooo sorry!! I will try my best to do better.
It's been nice to be home. I've been enjoying spending time with some of my family, my church family, and friends. I have my own place, which is WONDERFUL!! I've lived in community for so long and it's been fun, but I'd been craving having my own place for sometime. I haven't gotten lonely yet...I've been keeping myself pretty busy. I have a good friend that I've been spending some time with...she's been driving me to church and taking me places as I need since I don't have a car. I am helping with the church youth group, am attending a ladies Bible study that starts this week, and went to the first small group meeting of the year. It's nice to be able to attend things with my church family again.
Next Sunday I am going to learn how to make an Ethiopian dish from some Ethiopian ladies that have been attending church for a while. I'm pretty excited about that! :) I love learning about other cultures.
Please keep me in your prayers as I begin to line up churches to speak at. Pray that God will guide me to the groups He wants me to share with, and pray that hearts will be open to hearing about His passion for the lost, catching the vision to share His love amongst the darkest places of the world.
Pray that all the details involved in moving back to India, going to language school, and opening a clinic will fall into place and that God guides me in each step that I need to take. 
Pray also that a car will become available for me to use while I am home. It could be possible for me to purchase a cheep car, but then I'd have to figure out what to do with it when I head back to India, so it'd be better just to barrow one while I am home.

Thanks so much for all you do!!