Things I love

My niece and nephews. There is nothing sweeter than being an aunt. I love it!!

Ted Dekker books. Though it's more of a love/hate relationship because he's ruined my life. I cannot enjoy just any book like I did before I first started reading his books.

Leslie. My best friend is more like a sister. We stay up till all hours of the morning talking, we read Ted Dekker books together, we fight, we work our butts off together. I love my Leslie Way-way and miss her so much!

India. I've lived here for just under a year now and while there are some things that drive me crazy, I really love it here.

Baking and cooking. I basically grew up in the kitchen helping my mom. I love to try new recipes and experiment with it. I love to be able to make something for someone and know they will really enjoy it and I have lots of friends who love to eat what I make!

Music. I love music of all kinds, except for country.

Bollywood. Since living in India I have fallen in love with Bollywood movies.