Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A 40 passenger bus with 80 passangers

Our adventures began yesterday morning while we were heading to the bus station. Suzy and I took a #1 vikram(local transportation) to the end of the route. Usually when we get off the #1 we have to walk to the end of the street to get a #5, however we thought we were very lucky because there was a #5 right where we got off the #1! So, we jumped on and off we went. We rode the vikram for a long time...longer than it should take. But still we didn’t see the bus station. It crossed my mind once or twice that maybe we got on the wrong one, but I was so sure it was a #5. Finally the driver pulled to a stop and said, “Madam. You get off now.” So, we paid the gentleman and as we walked away Suzy said it was a #3! So, we took a #3 back the other way till we saw some #5’s, jumped off there and got on the #5 to the bus station.

Our second adventure of the day happened about 20 minuets later when the bus pulled up. A HUGE stampede ran for the bus. So, we ran with them. Four adults and two children. Suzy and Grayson got on, then Stephen, myself and finally Amber was able to squeeze her way on. Suzy got a seat because she had Gray with her. And Stephen was able to get one for Amber because she had Deakin. Stephen and I were left to stand. Even though there was a husband, wife and 8 year old boy who were taking up three entire seats and would not move even an inch. At this point I was just like yeah, whatever. Shortly before we pull out, the man sees an old woman and offers her the seat(no, he did not know her). I knew I shouldn’t get upset because an old woman should not have to stand. But I did. And when it came time to pay for our tickets I had to let go of my hand holds so I could pay. When this happened the bus went around a corner and I leaned back towards the old woman who began to hit me! I just shrugged it off that time. But, when she continued to do this throughout the trip every time we went around a corner and I had to lean her way I began to get upset. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked at her and said, “I am sorry. I can not help it. I am standing. You are sitting. If you’d scoot over a bit I wouldn’t lean on you!!” I felt bad for getting so mad at an old woman, but because I was standing, my feet hurt, my hands hurt and I was car sick I was beyond the point of what I could handle. I was so glad when we got to Muss00rie!!

Then, on the way back to D.D. we were again in a PACKED bus! But this time we got seats. There were many who did not. Suzy and I sat together with Deakin while Amber, Stephen and Grayson sat together. Many times I felt like I was going to toss my cookies, but I pr@yed and J3sus took it away. But there was one guy who did upchuck! First he sat down on the floor(he had been standing) which is no small feat on a bus packed that tight! He sat there for awhile, but pretty soon there was a good amount of commotion as his friend tried to get him to a window. He made it and pretty soon they were telling me to close my window. I felt bad for the guy. I really think there is a good reason they shouldn’t pack those busses so tight!

House Hunting

The reason we went to Muss00rie was to look for a place to live. We were not planning on spending the night, but because Monday was so unsuccessful we thought it wise. Yesterday the first place we looked at was ok. It had two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. But when we asked how much it was the guy said 18 lek, which is about $4000. We didn’t understand at first, but then it became clear that they were for sale, not for rent! HA!! As “tourists” can we even own any property?
Today we saw four places, but looked around and walked around, and asked around all day!! And by all day I mean from about 10amish to 5:30ish. We finally decided on the first rental we saw. Well, sort of. We don’t know for sure how much it will be yet, but we will in a could days. It’s a cute little place. It has a dinning room/living room and a kitchen down stairs and upstairs there are two bed rooms and a bathroom. All of us are going to live here for the first month until we can find a second place, at which point either Suzy and I or the Clovers will move.
It was a long, tiring task, but we didn’t really have much of a choice. It was fun at times though too. We did a little bit of cloth shopping and we made several contacts too. So, all in all it was a good trip.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The hated dupatta

So, our first week here we had suits made. We got to pick out our own cloth and then took it to the tailors to get it stitched. A suit is made up of baggy pants, a long shirt (about down to the knees) and a shawl type thing called a dupata. Now, this dupata is very important, because without it you are not properly clothed. However, it has become my WORST enemy! The dupata is worn draped over the shoulders so that the ends hang down your back. But it doesn’t stay there. It falls off your shoulders all the time. The wind catches it and blows it over your head. When riding in public transportation people sit on it so that when you go to get off it stays there. It hangs down and gets in your food when you are eating. I could go on for a while, but I think you get the picture.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everything looks like chicken

Suzy and I have been living at the PG for a little over two weeks now and I have decided that everything looks like chicken. Because the family who runs this PG are H!ndu everything they make is pure veg. At first I thought this would be ok. I didn’t eat a lot of meat at home, so I didn’t think it wouldn’t be too hard to adjust to. But it’s been harder than I thought for two reasons. One, everything taste pretty much the same. And two, when ever we have something with “dumplings” or chunks of veggies it looks like it has chicken in it and it gets my hopes up for a split second and then I remember, “Oh. Yeah. It’s pure veg.” : (

Friday, June 5, 2009

Degrees of hotness

I have decided that in the summer here it doesn’t ever cool off. There are just different degrees of hotness. During the day is is WAY SUPER HOT and at night it’s just hot. I am looking forward to the monsoon. But I’m sure that after a week of rain, I’ll be ready for that to be over too.

Suzy and I have had two lessons in H!nd! so far. The “Mam” who runs our PG is teaching us. We spend about an hour or two in H!nd! lessons and then we spend half an hour or so helping her improve her English. It’s a lot of fun. We have been focussing on learning how to write the letters and knowing the sounds. It’s a lot of work, but I think I am understanding it pretty well. I definitely need to practice a lot though. We are taking about five days off since we are going north for a few days, and I am hoping I will be able to take an hour or two each day to practice.

It’s been a lot of fun to get to know the girls here at the PG. We’ve had dinner with some of them almost every night and then we hang out for awhile after that. They love to hear me play my guitar even though I’m  not very good. They also like to try and play it. It’s so much fun getting to know them. I’m kind of sad we are probably only going to be here for one month.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Missing you and the times we had...

I was thinking this morning about life, and how at one point I spent a lot of time with certain people and then our lives went in different directions. We still talk and occasionally hang out, (well, now that I’m in !nd!a, not so much hanging out...) but our lives are more separate. So, in this entry I want to remember a few great times I had with friends.

I think back about two years ago. A core group of us from Camp would hang out almost every weekend. Kyle, Ben, Becca, Kelsey, and I. Sometimes we would pick up Alex and Zach and they would go “Fizz” with us at Village Inn. Or we would pick up the Lake Village kids and do something fun with them. Take them to a parade, horse back riding or have a birthday party in the trailer court for one of them. That was a really fun summer. I miss you guys!!

In August of 2005 I met the Biernackis at LifeLight. Leslie and I stayed up until 2am talking about nothing and everything. That was the beginning of our friendship. Together we helped run the coffee house at Camp, did LVKC, worked at Camps, lived together, worked together, pulled all kinds of pranks together, read and fought over who gets to read the newest Ted Dekker book together(by the way Les, I’ve got Bone Man’s Daughters, the latest...but I’m not sure when I’m going to read it...save for a hard day maybe), laughed and cried together, cooked together...the list could go on and on! I love and miss you TONS Leslie, JP, Echo and Jonah!!

In 2003 I was going to collage at Gr@ce U. I met an old friend there and we got to know each other again. Julie and I hung out a little bit that fall semester, but more the spring semester. But that summer(2004) we worked (and goofed off A LOT) in house keeping together. When we got off work we would go see movies at the dollar theater because they were only 50 cents before 6. We moved to Sioux City and lived at WIT for a semester, and then got an apartment. We had dreams of starting a catering business. We did scrap booking together. We got really good deals when we went shopping. We would go to kind of expensive restaurants and eat for really cheep. Jew, I miss all the good times we had. I love you!

These are just a few of the good times I remember having with just a few good friends. I want you to know that even though I am on the other side of the world I still think of you often and I love and miss you all immensely! I ask Dad to bl3ss you often and I can’t wait to see you in two years!