Quotes from India

  • “I am from Jimbabay. You know Jimbabay?” “No, I don’t know Jimbabay.” “You know, Jimbabay.” (Pointing to Zimbabwe)
  • “Do you want to go to my terrace?”
    “Can we see cows there?” 
  • “What kind of mouse? The kind on the computer, or the “chi chi chi”(making the sound) one?”
  •  “No too much. Three much, four much, five much...” - Salim (my host dad who speaks only a little English)
  •  “What’s pizza?”  -  Grayson
  •  "The meeter is finished. You get free electricity."
  •  “Do you have ground nutmeg?” “No. You don’t need ground nutmeg. Nobody sells ground. Just find something hard and bang on it.”  
  •  “How much to call the US?”  “7 seconds for 6 rupees.”  “Seconds?”  “Yes, seconds. You know seconds?”  “Yes. I know seconds. Like one, two, three...”
  •    Where is the bus station? “Right here.” Pointing to the side of the road.
  • I’ve heard that in America you only shower once weekly or once monthly.
  •    Keep washing, keep waring.
  •    While in Muss00rie we were sitting on the side of the road eating corn when a group of people walked by. They had a little girl about the same age as Deakin. She stopped and smiled at him, then began blowing him kisses. We tried to get Deakin to go give her a kiss(he has just recently started puckering up his lips for kisses) but he wouldn’t budge, he just stared at her. So, one of the guys said as they began to leave, “Oh. Not interested.” The whole episode was really cute.
  •    If it is suitable for you, we will continue. If it is not suitable for you then we shall proceed no further.
  •    With this you can make anything
  •    Ten minutes...15 minutes later...Ten minutes more...ten minutes later...two minutes           more...ten minutes later...two minutes, final
  •      Rickshaw driver     -    Where are you from?         
                All of us   -    America
                Rickshaw driver -    Where in America?
                Sara    -    Iowa
                Rickshaw driver    -     Ah. They are from America, you are from Iowa.
  •    For you, special price. 10 rupees less
  •    For you, no problem
  •     Indian cloths very healthy for you