Saturday, April 6, 2013

God is good...

I feel totally overwhelmed right now; so beyond blessed!
Today and Friday we had a rummage sale at church to help raise funds for our new building project. I was allowed to hold a book sale (one gentleman donated over 1300 new books) at the same time to help raise funds for heading back to India. It went pretty good, I got to visit with several people and sold around 350 books. I was also selling chai (home made) and pizza that was donated for this purpose. The total amount raised was $607.50, which was really good. My goal for the weekend was $700 so I was pretty happy with this amount. And I've got probably 15 boxes full of books now sitting down in my basement, so I can do another book sale at another time.
But it gets better, later this evening I had someone donate $1500!! I am floored! It is humbling to see how much God cares and how He provides. I am blessed beyond belief. It's fun to be able to check off supplies from my list. :)
Thanks again for all your prayers and support!!