Friday, May 29, 2009

What is room service?

   Monday we went up to Muss00r!e to see what it was like and if it would be a good possibility for a base. I think we decided that it was too touristy and it wouldn’t work for our needs. But it was still a good trip.
    When we got there on Monday we found a hotel, had dinner and then crashed.
    Tuesday we went on the cable car up to Gun Hill, a big hill where you can get some really good views of the area. For lunch we had grilled corn. However, it wasn’t sweet corn, it was field corn, so it was a bit chewy. Later Suzy and I walked up to clock tower, which is a good steep walk. Once we got there we kept walking. We found out later that Suzy thought we were going back to the hotel and I thought she wanted to keep walking up to Laund00r. So, we kept walking, walking, and walking...until we walked around a corner and saw the leather shop! We went there and picked out the sandals we wanted and then headed back down the hill.
    Wednesday morning we ordered “room service” for breakfast. Amber ordered cornflakes and milk for Grayson and got a bowl of cornflakes that tasted like corn, and a glass of HOT milk. When she called they hung up on her when they couldn’t understand what she was saying so she’d have to call back. I ordered a hot chocolate(it was ok, but not the best) and french toast. They brought Suzy’s toast with butter and my hot chocolate, but no french toast. So, I showed the guy on the menu that I wanted french toast. A little bit later he came back with my “french toast,” er, I mean fries. At that point I was just like whatever, and ate my fries. We had lunch with some friends of ours that are staying up there and then took a taxi up to Land00r to walk around. After awhile we decided it was time to head home and began the LONG trek down the mountain. On the way down we stopped to pick up our sandals, and while in the leather shop it began to rain...and then hail. So, we stayed there for awhile. When it stopped we finished the trek home and grabbed some veggie burgers(the burger part is a really yummy potato cake thinger).
    Thursday morning we tried again for room service. Amber, after a couple of calls and being hung up on, was able to order three corn flakes with cold milk. However, when it came they only got the milk. But she was able to get them to bring her three bowls of corn flakes. However, when Suzy and I tried to order three toasts and one corn flakes it didn’t come. We waited for an hour and it still wasn’t there, so we called again. They said “Oh” and hung up. We waited another half hour and called again. They hung up. But a couple minutes later someone came to Amber’s door saying, “You called?” She was just about to send them away when we said, “Wait! We called them” and went and told him what we wanted. Our breakfast finally came.
    Friday morning we decided to not even mess with “room service”. We went out to eat for breakfast, and then got a buss back to D.D.
    And that was our trip.

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