Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(not so) Wordless Wednesday

Ok, ok. I know what you are thinking. It is Wordless Wednesday, so why are you writing something? Well, I wanted to put up a picture of one of the chicken families that roams our yard, but I couldn't post the picture without telling the story behind it. So, here it goes.

Meet the "mama" of these three "babies". Now, you need to understand that this "mama" really isn't these chicken's mama, though she gets VERY upset if you tell her that. you see, there is another hen that meanders through the yard that is really their mama. I am pretty sure that this white hen chick-napped these chickens when they were still babies. You see the one on the right there? She looks EXACTLY like the other hen in our yard. And don't tell Whitey this, but those chicks are really too pretty to be hers.
Ok, so not only is this hen a chick-napper, but she has also got some mothering issues. You see, she won't let these chickens grow up. The are almost the same size as her and they still sleep underneath her. The don't even sound like chickens! They still chirp like little baby chickies!! It's ridiculous really.
The other day one of the neighbors hens was in our yard. She had three super tiny chicks(I'm pretty sure they had hatched just that day) and I told her that she had such beautiful babies. I didn't realize Whitey was standing there until she clucked at me, started for a bit and then huffed off! Really, I wish you could have been there, she truly huffed off. It was SO funny!!

Well, anyway. I could tell you more about this hen and her mothering issues, but it's really just something that you need to observe for yourself. But, I hope you enjoyed this little bit. =D

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