Thursday, July 14, 2011

Journey to the market

Sunday morning I woke up about 6am. I puttered around the house for awhile before finally deciding to walk to the market with my camera. Now, normally you take a tricey (motorcycle with a sidecar attached), but sometimes I just want to walk. If you walk fast, you can get there in about 15-20 minuets. But it took me about half an hour because I just moseyed along. It was the perfect morning for a nice stroll. =) My hope was though that I would get there just as people were setting up. However, I was a bit late because everyone was all set up already. But I set about taking pictures any way. So, without further ado, here is the Dagupan market.
*I was messing with the black and white setting, so most of the pick are B&W
Would you like some chopped veggies?

Laying out the bananas
That's about 50 cents a pineapple!!
She'll even cut it open for you.

Don't look amazing?!?!

This lady was admiring the sign she just made

Kids toys anyone?

Who wouldn't buy dried fish from them?

He was sitting on his little stool so well!!

This lady was just too cute selling her corn.

These ladies were pretty shy
Chickens anyone? Or how about a nap in a hammock next to 'em?

Or maybe a duck? They've got bunnies too!!
This couple was selling mussels

Homegrown tobacco anyone?

Or, maybe you'd like a bolo (machete)?

A fish had just jumped out of his basket
His friend though it was funny

How about some fresh veggie from an old lady?

Thank you for joining me on my adventure to the market!!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!! They were fun to take and fun to put up on here!! I love and miss you all!!

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