Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tickling the heart of God

Have you ever thought about tickling the heart of God? You know how when a small child tells you the cutest thing you've ever heard? Or when a child brings you the biggest arm full of freshly picked dandelions...all the stems so short that there is no way you can put them in a vase, so instead you just put them in a bowl of water? Or when you lay on the top of a hill watching the clouds together and that sweet little child's imagination just runs wild with what they see in the clouds? Or when after having to discipline a small loved one and they look up at you, tears still fresh in their eyes and they simply say, "I love you." And your heart just melts, so in love with that child. Tickled that they love you no matter what you do. No matter how many mistakes you make. No matter if you forgot them at church or even at the grocery store.

Sometimes I like to imagine my self frolicking through a meadow with Jesus, chasing each other across the hills. Picking wildflowers with Him, chasing butterflies, laughing over the silliest little things, and then tumbling to the ground, laying there giggling like little children. Watching the clouds overhead and falling asleep in the sweet sunshine. Then walking down to the little stream and sitting on a log that lays from one bank to the other, dangling our toes in the cool water. Talking about everything and nothing. Just like the old friends that we are.
One day, I hope that I can find this meadow for real...just like I picture it in my head. A few rolling hills, covered in wildflowers. A nice sunny day, not too hot. A small breeze that just barely stirs the grass and flowers. Beautiful butterflies floating from one flower to the next. Little birds singing a sweet song of praise. Clouds drifting through the sky, just the perfect kind for watching. A gentle brook, lined with trees that give just enough shade from the late afternoon sun, with that log that rests over the water in the perfect place to dangle your feet and visit. And I'll stay there all day with Jesus. When I get hungry there will be a berry patch filled with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. When I get sleepy, I'll lay in the sun and rest. If I'm thirsty I can drink from the brook. But the whole day I'll be with Jesus in this perfect, wonderful, undisturbed place. And it will tickle His heart to spend the whole day with me, and I with Him. Talking and running and laughing like old friends.
But until I find this meadow...I content myself with the one in my head. And when the stress of this life becomes too much for me...this is where I retreat to. And I cherish these moments with Jesus. In childlike innocence I enjoy His love, His presence and His joy. And it is so refreshing! And I know that it tickles His heart to meet me there.

How about you? Do you have a place that you imagine going to? A place of retreat with Jesus? How do you picture tickling the heart of Jesus?

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