Friday, January 20, 2012

Babies all growed up...part one

Every once in a while I get the beautiful privilege to see one of the babies I've previously caught. The next few post will be of the babies I've caught, followed by a picture or two of them all "growed" up!! Some will be when they are a month or so old, while others I've got to see when they are almost a year or more. :)
Catch # 6
This is Noralyne, so excited to be a mama!!
She named her baby after her!! Sara was born on January 27, 2011 
was 51 cm long and weighed 3.09 kilos. Such a sweet baby!!
Here is Sara and her mama at 9 months old. Isn't she a beautiful little lady?
 Little Sara and her midwife Sara. We make quite the pair, huh? :)

 Just look into those eyes and try and tell her no.

It is so much fun seeing these babies grow up. 
Keep an eye out for more updates like this one!!

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