Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What do you do when you catch a lizzard?

I was sitting in my room when I heard the dogs barking. This isn't really strange though, since they bark at EVERYTHING!! But they were barking pretty incessantly, so I thought I should go see if there was a patient here. When I looked out from the balcony I saw that they were barking at some men in the rice field. It was clear that they were hunting something, though I wasn't sure what. As I continued to watch, the man holding a 2x4 quickly whacked at something among the rice. He bent down and lifted up a big old lizard!!  I grabbed my camera from my room, hollered at Tianne to come downstairs and ran out the door. 

They had tied his feet together and laughed when I asked if I could pick it up.

I asked him what he was going to do with it...was he going to cook it? He said they'd make adobo (a Filipino dish) out of it. I asked if I could try a bit when it was finished and he laughed as he said yes. Maybe he didn't think an American would ever want to eat lizard. :)

I few hours later they said it was finished so we went over and picked up a bowl of lizard adobo.
The Filipino girls were horrified that they'd left the skin on the lizard! It was kinda funny. :)

Tianne and I were pretty excited about trying it though!! :)

It tasted kinda like a gamey chicken...but with the texture of greasy pork.

We're not quite sure what this was...any guesses?
Tianne thought she'd give the skin a try...it was pretty chewy!

All in all, trying lizard adobo was a pretty fun experience!! :)

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