Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A 40 passenger bus with 80 passangers

Our adventures began yesterday morning while we were heading to the bus station. Suzy and I took a #1 vikram(local transportation) to the end of the route. Usually when we get off the #1 we have to walk to the end of the street to get a #5, however we thought we were very lucky because there was a #5 right where we got off the #1! So, we jumped on and off we went. We rode the vikram for a long time...longer than it should take. But still we didn’t see the bus station. It crossed my mind once or twice that maybe we got on the wrong one, but I was so sure it was a #5. Finally the driver pulled to a stop and said, “Madam. You get off now.” So, we paid the gentleman and as we walked away Suzy said it was a #3! So, we took a #3 back the other way till we saw some #5’s, jumped off there and got on the #5 to the bus station.

Our second adventure of the day happened about 20 minuets later when the bus pulled up. A HUGE stampede ran for the bus. So, we ran with them. Four adults and two children. Suzy and Grayson got on, then Stephen, myself and finally Amber was able to squeeze her way on. Suzy got a seat because she had Gray with her. And Stephen was able to get one for Amber because she had Deakin. Stephen and I were left to stand. Even though there was a husband, wife and 8 year old boy who were taking up three entire seats and would not move even an inch. At this point I was just like yeah, whatever. Shortly before we pull out, the man sees an old woman and offers her the seat(no, he did not know her). I knew I shouldn’t get upset because an old woman should not have to stand. But I did. And when it came time to pay for our tickets I had to let go of my hand holds so I could pay. When this happened the bus went around a corner and I leaned back towards the old woman who began to hit me! I just shrugged it off that time. But, when she continued to do this throughout the trip every time we went around a corner and I had to lean her way I began to get upset. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked at her and said, “I am sorry. I can not help it. I am standing. You are sitting. If you’d scoot over a bit I wouldn’t lean on you!!” I felt bad for getting so mad at an old woman, but because I was standing, my feet hurt, my hands hurt and I was car sick I was beyond the point of what I could handle. I was so glad when we got to Muss00rie!!

Then, on the way back to D.D. we were again in a PACKED bus! But this time we got seats. There were many who did not. Suzy and I sat together with Deakin while Amber, Stephen and Grayson sat together. Many times I felt like I was going to toss my cookies, but I pr@yed and J3sus took it away. But there was one guy who did upchuck! First he sat down on the floor(he had been standing) which is no small feat on a bus packed that tight! He sat there for awhile, but pretty soon there was a good amount of commotion as his friend tried to get him to a window. He made it and pretty soon they were telling me to close my window. I felt bad for the guy. I really think there is a good reason they shouldn’t pack those busses so tight!

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