Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancing with Daddy

This week I am working at Impact Camp in Iowa. It's been a lot of fun, though it's WAY different than any camp I've ever worked at. But I TOTALLY LOVE my kids! :D Last night for Family Foolishness we did a skit titled ADD Support Group. It was really good. I am so proud of my kids, they did an AWESOME job!!

But anyway. Lets get to the reason for this post.

Staff got here Sunday for training and we had a chapel service that night. We sang  a song (How He loves, John Mark Mcmillan) that really touched me. God began speaking to me through this song. Telling me how violently He loves me. It totally overwhelmed me. He gave me a picture of a little girl, maybe just three years old, dancing with her Daddy. He brought Zeph. 3:17 to my mind. He sang Amazed (Lincoln Brewster) to me, telling me that He dances over me while I am unaware.

It was an amazingly sweet, precious time. I know for myself that I always know God loves me, but I never really know that He loves me. It's something that I just can't seem to fully understand so I don't think about it. But Sunday night I did. And it totally overwhelmed me.

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