Monday, August 9, 2010

Tokyo to Manila

I’m sitting in the Tokyo airport waiting for my flight to Manila. The waiting area is filled mostly with Japanese and Filipino people. As I’m listening to the different languages, the husband of the woman sitting next to me brings another gentleman up to her and excitedly introduces him. I can tell from the greeting that he is an old acquaintance. They have two daughters and they begin talking about them, maybe about how big they’ve gotten since the last time he saw them.
The lady in front of me is talking to two men. It seems that they are discussing something that maybe she doesn’t agree on.
As I sit here my thoughts turn to wondering. What will life be like in the Philippines? What will the people be like? What do everyday interactions look like? Do men and woman usually interact pretty freely together? What kind of behavior is expected from small children? What kind of behavior will be expected of me?
I am excited to start this new journey of learning and discovery.
I’m hoping that I’ll do better about keeping this blog updated.

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