Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's not about you...

I was woken up yesterday morning by the clinic phone at 5am. I was not too excited that my labor ended up being ANOTHER G1 (meaning it's her first baby). I've had so many G1's lately and they've all been REALLY long labors which is kind of the "norm" for someone who is having her first baby. I'd had my day all planned out. It was Sunday, my day to rest and relax. And even with that I'd already decided that I would work on my assignment for 5 hours (something I usually NEVER do on Sundays!!). Anyway. She texted off and on for the next couple hours. She said her labor had started at 3am so I figured she was still in early labor. Then at 7 am I hear a truck in the driveway, Hairy barking and just as I am looking out the window she texts to say she is here. They are supposed to let us know BEFORE they come so that we can be ready for them (get the birth room ready and everything). So, I was a bit irritated, but went downstairs with a smile anyway, asking God to change my attitude. She was a really sweet girl and was rather composed which only confirmed in my mind that she was early, so was I surprised to find that she was already 6-7 cm dilated! Maybe it wouldn't be a long labor after all! I finished checking her in and getting her as comfortable as possible. She wanted to walk around outside with her mom and husband which is so good. I told her I was going to take a quick shower and I'd be right back.
As I was showing I really prayed and thanked God for already beginning to change my attitude. I also asked that she would have a really good labor and birth. That He was show up throughout the process. And that it would just be a sweet, sweet time sitting with her. And was it ever!! :)
As I sat with her, she wanted me to rub her belly with each contraction. If my hand was not in the "right" place she would move it. Or if I had been writing in her chart, she would reach out her hand for mine and place it on her belly. There were a couple of contractions where she would begin to cry out, focusing on the pain. But then when that contraction was over, she would refocus and compose herself, asking God for strength and then with the next contraction she would be either praying or talking to her baby. It was so sweet. I saw strength written all over her young face. I saw her draw strength from within herself, even at the times that she felt she couldn't go on. I saw her lean into Jesus, asking and trusting the He would and was helping her.
The actual birth of her baby took awhile and there was a bit of a worrisome time when the baby's heart rate began to crash. But with changing position, head stim to the baby and O2 it began to climb again. I know we were all praying. And then finally her baby entered this world! A little boy. It took him a bit to find his voice, but when he did, you knew it was there!!
What an honor it was to sit with her as she labored and then to catch her baby as it came into the world! Every time I attend a birth I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of something so special and intimate. But I think it was even more so this time.
Even though my day was disrupted and I didn't get nearly everything done that I'd planned, I wouldn't have traded that birth for anything! God is so good!
Here's a couple pictures of this beautiful new little family. :)

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