Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marjorie and Family

One part of my job that I absolutely love is when I take a continuity patient. Some of my regular Tuesday prenatals I feel somewhat close to as they come month after month, but it's not the same as when you know YOU are their midwife. Marjorie is one of those patients. Now, I have to admit that I originally took her as a cont because I liked her kids. Not to say that I didn't like her as well; on the contrary, she was really sweet and I liked her too, but it was her kids that I was really drawn to.
She brought her daughter and son with to her first prenatal. When we went to check her baby, I had them come with (many times the kids just wait in the admitting area as we check the baby, though I really like to involve all of the family). As I checked the baby's position s/he started to move, poking a little elbow out as if to say, "Hey! I'm trying to sleep in here...stop poking at me!" I quick had the kids put their little hands on their mamas belly and watched their faces as they felt their little brother or sister move inside. And then when I found the heart beat using the fetoscope I first let Marjorie listen and then gave each of the kids a turn. They were so excited to here his/her heartbeat. :) It was during this time that I decided to take her as a continuity patient.
Marjorie is due at the beginning of July and each time she comes I get more and more excited for her birth. Her daughter (the older of her two kids) would like to be there for the birth and I hope that all goes well so that she is able to see her new little baby come into this world.
This last week both her kids came for her prenatal checkup as well as her husband. I was happy to see them all and decided to take some family pictures. They were really cute and the pictures turned out pretty good. I've included my favorites here, I hope you enjoy them! :)


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