Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abundant Grace Maternity Clinic

Ok. So, I've been meaning to post these pictures for a few days now, and I was going to yesterday but decided to do my post on India's Independence Day instead. So, anyway. Here's a few pictures of where I am now living, studying and working!! ENJOY!!

This is the front of the clinic/house

The office

The Delivery Room

Prenatal and Postpartum rooms

One of the three posters with many of the babies that were born here

Just a few of the books I have to read

Harry the clinic dog. He's really super sweet

Driving over the rice that was drying on the highway

One of the Filipino midwives doing some teaching in Highway Pakak

Just a few of the sweet little kids in the village

This baby had SO much hair!!!

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adrikoz said...

Those kids are waaaay too cute, especially the little one.
Those rooms are nothing like the med center in omaha, but you know what? I'd take one of those any day!! Have fun! We will be praying for you!