Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up soon. In nineteen days to be exact. I would like to share my birthday wish list with you.

The first thing I'd like is donations towards my plane ticket home. As many of you know, I'll be coming home for just a short visit in May for my brother's wedding. I have a month long break from school, and my supervisor has graciously allowed me to take an extra week. I'll be going to India for two weeks first to visit friends there as well as to do some research into starting a clinic. From there I will be flying to OKC. I am really excited to be able to be home for the Nomads conference again this year. Each year I am a bit saddened by the thought that I won't be able to go to Nomads, and then each year God surprises me and allows me to attend. :) For those of you who don't know what Nomads is, it is an annual gathering of those desiring to learn about God's love for every nation, and spend their lives making Jesus known. If you are at all interested in missions and what God is doing around the world, you should attend this event!!After Nomads I'll be making my way up to Sioux City where I will be spending most of the time with my family. My parents are also going to be home and that doesn't happen often, so I am really looking forward to this much needed time! :)

The next thing on my list is a pair of Sseko sandals. These sandals are made by woman in Uganda who are wanting to earn money in order to continue on to university. So, if you'd like to give me a pair of these sandals you are not only giving me a beautiful pair of sandals, but you are helping a woman in Uganda earn money for university so that she can better her life. :)

The final item on my birthday wish list is this blood pressure cuff.  Working at the clinic I have found that the cheep blood pressure cuffs don't last long when they are being used as much as we use them. I've done a bit of research about the bp cuff I want for my clinic in India and this is the one that I have come up with. It is a bit expensive, but it is a really good quality one that is very durable, and should last a long time, even with it being used often.

If you would like to give toward any of these items on my list you can do so by going here and clicking on my account 0246 Sara Zellmer for online giving. Or if you'd rather mail a donation in you can do this by emailing me for a donation slip that you can print, fill out and mail with your donation.

I want to say a BIG thank you in advance!! Also, I would LOVE to get an email or even better yet, a letter from you!! :) I love and am so encouraged by getting notes from people. My email address is and my snail mail address is
Sara Zellmer
c/o Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center
Appas, Tabuk City
Kalinga 3800

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