Monday, April 11, 2011

Mixed feelings

So, I fly out for India tomorrow. And I can't wait! But I'm also nervous. I'm excited to be in a place I call home again. But what if it doesn't seem like home anymore? I can't wait to see all the beautiful Indian people. But what if I view them in a different light than I once did? I'm looking forward to hearing the sounds, seeing the sights, and smelling the odors that are India. But what if the sounds, sights and odors that I once was attracted to are now repulsive to me?
What if I have remembered and glorified India in such a way that when I step off the plane everything that I once held so close to my heart is the last thing that I now desire? This is what makes me nervous. I love India and I don't want to do anything other than that, love India. And so this trip makes me a bit nervous because my love for India, her people and her culture may change in the blink of an eye. And I do not want that.
Please lift me up to the Father as I travel to, arrive and travel in India. Ask that any changes in my thoughts, views and heart toward India will have only made my bond there stronger. Ask that as I meet up with all my friends that we will have a sweet time of reconnecting and that our friendship will be strengthened and renewed. Ask that all the nervousness I have right now will be put to rest in Him. But most of all, ask that while I am there, that His light will shine through me.

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