Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coming Home

It's been a couple weeks since my last update. I had a great time in India and am now in Iowa enjoying spending time with my family. :D It's been really nice to be able to relax and just enjoy being. I've even been able to do a bit of sewing! I had been stressing a bit about finding something to wear to the wedding. And then my little sister said she got a new sewing machine and was going to make her dress for the rehearsal, and I thought, well, why not?! So I picked out a pattern and cloth and started stitching away! I've got my dress for the wedding done, now I just need to finish up the one for the rehearsal. :)
Anyway. I wanted to post something that I wrote while I was in India. I hope you enjoy it.


I’m sitting in our house by the door. Outside I hear the birds, the neighbors steamer as she is cooking. I can hear the prayers being sung at the temples, there are a couple coolies walking up the hill, talking about the small things in life. I can hear the scooters as people head to the market and the engines of trucks straining as they chug up the mountain, honking all the way to let anyone on the road know they are coming through. And I think, I am home.
I sat on the plane in Bangkok. Some people got off and others got on for the flight to Delhi. And just like I was longing for, the plane began filling with Indians. There were Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. All talking and laughing together. All with one common bond, India. As they found their seats I noticed a distinctly Indian smell. It is hard to describe, but if you’ve been to India I am sure you know the smell I am talking about. It is garlic and onions mixed with spices and incense and a bit of sweat. And I knew I was going home.
As I walked from the plan to the airpot in Dehra Dun I had a huge smile plastered on my face. I couldn’t wipe it off to save my life! I looked around, taking everything in. Women in their saris, men waring kurtas and pajamis. I looked at the mountains all around me and I knew I was close to home.
I met Suzy in town. We talked for quite awhile, catching up on each other lives. She brought one of my suits with her, so I went and changed. Then we ate lunch, ran a few errands and went to visit my host sister who is studying in Dehra Dun. It was her birthday so it was an extra special surprise. Then we headed to the bus station and began the trek up the mountain. We took a taxi from where the bus stops up to Landour where our house is. I looked at everything on the way up, noticing everything that was the same and everything that had changed. I listened to the sounds, loving every one of them. And the smells! I couldn’t get enough of the smells! Finally, after we’d dropped my things off at the house we headed up to my host family’s house. We stopped and said hi to many people. I love hearing Hindi, even though I’ve lost much of what I could once understand and speak. I hadn’t told my host mom what day I was coming. I wanted it to be a surprise. And boy was it!! :D She jumped off the bed she was sitting on and gave me the biggest hug, all the while saying, “Oh! Ma, MA!!!” just like I knew she would. I visited with them for so long, cherishing each moment.
And I knew, I was home.

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