Friday, April 2, 2010

Baking...minus the conviences of the States

A couple weeks ago Amber gave me a packet of Ranch Dressing Mix. The first thing I thought of was Garden Fresh Veggie Pizza. And Oh! It sounded good!! One problem though...we can't get croissant dough here. Bummer.
Every time I looked at that packet of dressing mix I thought about the pizza. I began to think about making my own croissant dough. It's something that I've wanted to try but never did because I've heard horror stories about it. But I finally decided that if I wanted to make this pizza then I'd have to just give it a try. So, I jumped onto google and found a pretty easy looking recipe at Bitter Sweet.
Then when the Clovers moved up here on the 29th I decided that they'd be my guinea pigs. My favorite part of making it(well, besides eating it) was whacking the butter into submission!! Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face remembering how much fun I had with it!! :D
My croissant dough turned out WONDERFUL and made and amazing veggie pizza!! Below are a couple pictures(here you go mom!!) and instructions on how to make the pizza.

Here is the nice crispy croissant crust for my Garden Fresh Veggie Pizza!!!

Just look at that flaky goodness!!

Topped with all kinds of crunchy goodness and a layer of Ranch Dressing in between!! YUM!!

Doesn't that just make your mouth water? And it's SUPER easy to make!! Well, if you live in a place where you don't have to make your own croissant dough that it. 

Here's how to make it...
Place the croissant dough on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 till golden brown. Take it out and let it cool. Mix one packet of Ranch Dressing mix with 1 cup sour cream and 8 oz cream cheese. Spread on cooled crust and place all kinds of yummy chopped veggies. 
Like I said super easy and SUPER yummy!! 

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