Friday, April 30, 2010

Home again, home again.

First I wanted to say that I am sorry for dissipearing for the past couple weeks. It's been somewhat crazy, but it should all be settling down for now.

I got back to the States late Wednesday night after a pretty hectic time trying to get a flight since mine was canceled due to the ash. It's a long story, so I won't put it on here, but basically I was able to get a flight from Delhi to Mumbai, from Mumbai to Chicago via Cairo(where we sat for five hours without getting off the plane), spent the night in Chicago and got another flight to Oklahoma City in time for the Nomads conference. It ended up being a twenty four hour flight.

I was at HGM for the weekend. Nomads was really good, as always. It was so nice to see everyone again. And I think being able to be at HGM for the first couple days of being home helped with culture shock. Although, when I got into the car on Sunday to head up to Sioux City I thought there was something wrong with the car because the steering wheel was on the left side!! ha! It was really kinda funny. :)

I have really enjoyed being able to spend lots of time with my sister and her boys these past few days. Eli is a riot!! He cracks me up. He asks me about 75 times a day what I am doing and when I ask him what he's doing he says "I don't know." He's so fun. :) And Sammy is just a doll!! He has got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!! And he's always jabbering away, though I have no idea about what. I'm loving being with them. :)

Well, I suppose that is all for now. I'll write more later, I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive!

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NZZ said...

Love your blog. It was so good to see you at Nomads. Let me know the next time you come to town.