Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's never a dull moment in Delhi!

I'd like to share Suzy's most recent adventures in Delhi. Every time we go there, we have some kind of excitement, whether it's a bus crash on the way there, adventures at the US Embassy, bartering with shopkeepers, or trying to haggle a good price out of an auto driver. And this time was no less exciting for Suzy.
She left for Delhi to pick up here Chinese visa on Sunday evening around eight, after having rested all day because she wasn't feeling well. When she got to the Picture Palace bus stand she called me and said that she wasn't sure if there were any buses that late because it was Sunday. She asked if I knew where to get a share jeep, but I wasn't sure. She ended up finding a a share taxi and road down the mountain with a few other people. When they got to Dehra Dun they found out that there was a bus strike in this area. It was very difficult, but they finally found a bus, though it was only standard(not very comfortable at all!).
When she got to Delhi she hung out for awhile because the office didn't open till 9:30. Finally she decided to head over that way, but when she got to the office it was closed. When she asked why she was told that it was a Chinese holiday. So, she had to spend the night and go back the next day. Tuesday morning she went back to the office expecting to be in and out in just a matter of minutes. But, it was not to be. She was told that the cover letter they made her type up when she applied didn't have enough information and that she'd have to reapply. She asked again and again what exactly they wanted on the cover letter before she left the office to find an internet cafe to type and print. She was hoping that she could get it expedited so that she could pick it up on Wednesday, but alas, this also was not meant to be. She didn't get back to the office in time.
So, now she is waiting for her train that leaves in about an hour and is on her way back. She'll be going to Delhi again on Monday to *hopefully* pick it up.
Ah! You gotta LOVE "red tape'!!

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