Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time for goodbyes

On Thursday Suzy and I went to visit some friends in another town. We were there till Saturday morning. It was really good to see them again, but it was hard to say goodbye. I was able to visit Salim and Sitara's(my host dad and mom) families as well as the family that we stayed with when we went to the wedding back in September. It was really hot while we were there, so we slept on the roof and it was fun, other than the sun glaring down on me at 5:30 in the morning!

On Saturday we left there for D.D. We went to the hostel where we first lived back in June. It was really good to see our madam and her daughter again. They are both very funny! Chona(the daughter) wants to be very "American", while her mom is very traditional. They got into an argument(like they do every time we are there) about getting married vs. "live-in". I can see such a generation gap in them. Chona so wants to be like what she perceives all American girls are like and her mom wants her to be Indian and not anything different. Neither one of them wants to compromise in their way of thinking. I know her mom just wants the very best for Chona, but she doesn't see it that way(just like teenagers in the States).

While we were visiting with Chona she asked us if we'd go to church with her in the morning. She said that she's been wanting to go but that she was scared because she wouldn't know what to do. Of course we said yes, we'd take her. There is a church just up the street a little bit, so the next morning we got ready and walked there. We were a bit late so we missed the singing, but it was still a good service. The pastor talked with us for a bit after and asked Chona if she'd come back next week and she said she would. They had some tracts and pamphlets sitting on a table and she took a few of them home with her. We'll wait and see what happens I guess. :)

The rest of this week will be spent finishing things up here, packing, visiting a village, and saying goodbye to all my friends, many of whom have become family to me. I know it'll be a hard week in many ways, filled with bittersweet moments. But I also know that Dad will give me the grace and strength that I need each day. Please keep me in your thoughts this week! You are in mine. :)

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