Sunday, February 28, 2010

Being Unsettled

Today I changed my desktop picture about 15 times and I still don’t know if I like the picture I have right now.  Even now, as I am writing this entry I have changed it a few times. I’ll write it, read through it and decide I don’t like how it’s flowing so I start over. I just feel so unsettled today.

As I was changing my desktop I think I figured out why. Last weekend brought some pretty big changes. They weren’t for sure changes, but were almost certain. Then in the middle of the week it all changed again. And now, even though I know the final step, I don’t know what the steps to get there will look like. There are a few different options. And all of them are good. I just don’t know what the best path to the final step in this change is. But, I do know that the next few steps will be revealed to me when the time is right. And in the meantime I’ll just have to get used to being unsettled.

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