Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two days till H0li

As I walk through the market I see bags of powder dye in all the stores. There is a sense of excitement in the air. Everyone on my language route asks me if I am coming to their house for h0li.
Everyone I have talked to about h0li has said one of two things. Either they love h0li and are very excited. Or they do not like it and said they will be staying in their homes. The ones who do not like h0li have cautioned me to stay inside. I've heard that it can get pretty crazy. But, Suzy and I have decided that we want to experience it at least once. I mean, we're here, I have a camera, it's h0li, I HAVE to get some pictures!!
Tomorrow Rashib(one of the shopkeepers on my route) is taking us to the temple to see how they do puj@ (worsh!p) for h0li. He said there are some stories that are told and he will explain them to us. Then on Monday Suzy and I will be going out around 9am(this is when h0li starts) to some of the homes on our routes. At 11:30 we are going to Rashib's house for lunch and then around 1ish there is another event at one of the chowks(intersection). They tie a rope about 30 feet in the air and from the rope a pot filled with money, milk and butter is hung. Then men climb on each others shoulders and try and break the pot with a stone. I'm not sure what the meaning behind all this is, but hopefully after Monday I will and will be able to explain it with the pictures.
Keep an eye out on Monday or Tuesday for an entry about h0li complete with pictures!! :D

On another note. I made homemade tater tots for dinner tonight. Here is a picture of them(your welcome mom!) It wasn't too hard to make them either. All you do is boil a couple whole potatoes till they are cooked through, but still firm. Let them cool a bit then shred them and mix a bit of salt, pepper and flour in, make them into tater tot shapes and fry them in oil. Try it out sometime! 

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