Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes I just need a change. Sometimes there is a reason for the change. And with this one there is both. I had been using iweb to publish my website. And I'd liked it for the most part, but in some ways I found it limiting. One of the biggest things was that I couldn't add comments to it unless I published it to a mobile me account and they cost $99 a year. How I had it set up was having my brother host it(he got it all set up. I am NOT that techie!!) And the other thing was that I wasn't real happy with the templates they had. None of them were really "me". Plus the fact that I love change and cannot stick with things like the layout of a website for very long before I get board with it and want to change. And with iweb when you change the layout you have to republish ALL of it and it can take HOURS(or a day and a half here since our internet is not very fast)!!
So, all that said. I am now back to blogspot. I hope this doesn't confuse you all too much and that you still come and read my updates. I also hope that since part of the reason for the change was to be able to have comments that you will take a minute or two and go ahead and comment here!


Nace Family said...

Hey I'm glad you switched to blogspot! Now I can follow your blog on my google reader, and actually remember to check it! Miss you!

Keith said...

All I miss is the pictures!

albacoffie said...

I miss you to Jaclyn! Tell Ed hi and give your kiddos hugs for me!
And Mom, I'll be getting pictures up again. It might take a couple days, but I'll get them up. :)