Thursday, February 18, 2010

What makes you a H!ndu?

Before I left the states I went to really neat and helpful conference about working among H!ndus. One of the things they talked about was how H!ndu!sm really isn’t a r3ligion. Because it is MANY r3ligions and to define as one is a HUGE mistake simply because each r3ligion within “H!ndu!sm” is vastly different from the others within “H!ndu!sm”. While I enjoyed learning about this I had wondered how I would see this within !nd!a once I got here.

Well, two days ago as I was talking to Rashib(a guy on my language route) he said basically this same thing. I asked him how he viewd “H!ndu!sm.” He said that being
H!ndu simply means you are from !nd!a. He said that you can be H!ndu and believe in Ram. You can be H!ndu and believe in All@h. You can be H!ndu and believe in J3sus. H!ndu!sm is more of a citizenship than it is anything else.

It was a really good conversation and what I wrote doesn’t really do it justice. Please keep Rashib in your notes. Every time I talked to him we always have very interesting conversations. We’ve talked about the history of !nd!a, !nd!an culture, American culture, Bollywood, Hollywood, taking care of aging parents, r3ligion of all types, and many other things. He’s said that he’s read the B!ble and that there are many things in it he doesn’t understand. We’ve discussed a few of these things as friends and it’s been really good. I enjoy each visit I have with him and I ask Dad every day to continue to open his heart more to hear Him.

Well, I need to go out on my route. I hope you will keep Rashib in your notes and myself as I live here to spread the Kingdom.

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