Sunday, February 28, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

So, for the past couple weeks I have noticed that the charger to my computer was not looking too healthy. I’d read about people having problems with the cord to their macs and knew I was having the same trouble. The cord(the wires) begins to pull away away form the magnetic part that connects to the computer. I was a bit worried about it because even though I could get one here they cost about twice as much as they do in the States.

But, then someone came to the rescue!! A friend of our was coming from the States and asked if there was anything we needed. I said “YES!! :D Could you pick up a new cord for me?” So, it is on it’s way.

But last night the cord really took a dump. I’ve been keeping my computer plugged in and not moving it because it was really hard to get it to charge again if I moved it. However, for some reason I can not say(other than stupidity) I unplugged and moved my computer and when I went to plug it in again it was VERY clear that it was not going to charge again. And it’ll be at least a few more days till I get my cord.

Oh. What to do? What to do? I took out my leatherman that my little brother got for me for Christmas before I left, the little one my dad got me and the Tweezers my mom gave me and began taking the thing apart. (My little brother and I used to take radios out of the old cars in our junkyard and put them in other cars or just messed around with them, so I know a bit about wiring) And finally this morning I got the thing to work again! :D YEAH!!

So, a big THANK YOU goes to my brother for the Leatherman, my Dad for my little leatherman and my Mom for my Tweezers!

On another note, here is a taste of Holi! Suzy and I went out to see puja yesterday and got a bit of color on our faces in the process.

   Suzy with color on her face.    

A mother showing her little boy how to do puja.

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