Sunday, February 21, 2010


I didn’t quite realize it until just today, but since I got here to !nd!a I have lacked direction. I knew I was here because this is where Dad wanted me, and I knew that this was when I was supposed to be here. But I wasn’t exactly sure what I was to be doing other than learning H!nd!. I’ve felt unsettled for the past nine months. Part of it is just learning to live and make this home, but another part I believe is that I didn’t have any direction. Not because Dad wasn’t giving it to me, or because I wasn’t looking, but because it wasn’t time for me to have direction.

In December the visa rules here changed. Before, we were able to be here for up to 180 days before leaving just long enough to get an exit stamp in our passports and come back. We can still stay for 180 days, but then we have to leave for 2 months. This has thrown a loop into our plans. We knew before we came that a tourist visa would only be good for us for so long, but we didn’t expect to have to change them so soon. So, since December we’ve been thinking and writing notes to Dad about what He wants us to do.

Yesterday Suzy and I went down to D.D. to spend some time with the Clovers. While we were there we talked about some different options. We haven’t made any for sure decisions yet, but we were able to discuss our options and make some tentative decisions.

So, anyway. All this is to say that I have some direction now. I am excited about it, and even though I can’t give you details yet I wanted to let you all know. Please keep me in your notes as I process through this direction and figure out exactly what it will look like.

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